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A Network of Small, Self-Directed Communities

Instead of one huge BookWyrm site, there are many instances of BookWyrm which can interact seamlessly with one another. You can have the benefits of small community you trust, while still interacting with a large network of interesting new people (when you want to).

This means there isn't just one place to sign up! You can select an instance that sounds like a good fit for your interests, or just try one at random — they're all very nice.

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BookWyrm's flagship instance: Talk about books, track your reading, and find out what your friends are reading, on your own terms.

a social book review site for people who procrastinate on reading or procrastinate by reading

Rambling Readers

Rambling Readers is a friendly community of book lovers. You can track your reading, talk about books, write reviews, and discover what to read next. We are UK based.

The Library of the Uncommons

The Library of the Uncommons is a gathering place for those seeking to expand their literary horizons and share in their journey with others.

Gatti Ninja

Istanza romana/italiana librea, soziala eta federatua da. Liburuez eta literaturaz euskaraz aritzeko lekua.


This instance has no description.

ComeLibros Club

La red social del Club de Lectura con más hambre

Comunità Italiana per amanti dei libri. È possibile tenere traccia delle proprie letture, parlare di libri, scrivere recensioni e scoprire cosa leggere prossimamente. Abbiamo sede in Italia (Milano).

SFBA Book Club

Book Club of the community. For readers from and interested in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A generic Bookworm instance for everyone to use

MXHDR BookWyrm

MXHDR BookWyrm instance

BookWyrm francophone

Communauté francophone

The Dispossessed and everything else. Bücherwurm Bücherwurm ist der perfekte Ort für alle, die ihre Leidenschaft für Bücher - insbesondere, aber nicht nur Rollenspielbücher - teilen möchten und Wert auf Inklusion legen.


Lietuviškai skaitantys knygų graužikai / Lithuanian book lovers

Velha Estante

Uma instância em português do Bookwyrm.


This is a Norwegian instance of [Bookwyrm]( A privacy-friendly place to share the books we love!

Lectura Social

Lecturas en español, sin dejar de lado catalán, gallego, euskera, asturiano, aragonés o aranés. Mira los detalles en el link "Más información" y escríbenos. REGISTRO ABIERTO (con la condición de compartir gastos).


책을 읽고서 평이나 주석을 남기기도 하고, 모임도 만들 수 있는 한국어 BookWyrm 서


Instance bookwyrm francophone de gauche.


Tervetuloa pienimuotoiseen, kotikutoiseen ja jäsentensä turvallisuutta ja hyvinvointia vaalivaan lukijayhteisöön!

Books of Duck Cafe

Explore books, authors, genres and publishers in our instance for literary enthusiasts.

Moé for Solarpunk Books

We are collecting books and dreaming about a solarpunk utopia.

Mit Bücher lesen und gemeinsam besprechen.


Un lloc on trobar aquell llibre en català introbable a la xarxa! Aquesta instància està creada i pensada pels lectors en català del fedivers. Un lloc on ajuntar-nos i compartir les dèries lectores.


Track the books you read orreadi and find out what your friends orreadi read.

This is the bookwyrm instance of collective :)

Outside of a Dog

A generalist BookWyrm instance in Australia. All languages welcome. Audiobooks are books.

We Loved Your Book So Much We Ate It

A snailhuddle freestyle bookclub.

Dans Mon Catalogue

Dans Mon Catalogue is a tiny bookwyrm instance where people can socially-but-not-too-socially review books. It is a part of the fediverse that uses activitypub.

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