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A Network of Small, Self-Directed Communities

Instead of one huge BookWyrm site, there are many instances of BookWyrm which can interact seamlessly with one another. You can have the benefits of small community you trust, while still interacting with a large network of interesting new people (when you want to).

This means there isn't just one place to sign up! You can select an instance that sounds like a good fit for your interests, or just try one at random — they're all very nice.

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BookWyrm's flagship instance: Talk about books, track your reading, and find out what your friends are reading, on your own terms.

The Dispossessed and everything else.

Dans Mon Catalogue

Dans Mon Catalogue is a tiny bookwyrm instance where people can socially-but-not-too-socially review books. It is a part of the fediverse that uses activitypub.

Y Not Read

A website for book lovers.


MXHDR BookWyrm

This is the private Bookwyrm instance of MXHDRM. Feel free to create an account.


Lietuviškai skaitantys knygų graužikai / Lithuanian book lovers


General, for Finnish readers

Moé for Solarpunk Books

We are collecting books and dreaming about a solarpunk utopia.

Velha Estante

Uma instância em português do Bookwyrm.

Katakomben von Buchhaim

hard scifi, space opera and Sibylle Berg

The Library of the Uncommons

The Library of the Uncommons is a gathering place for those seeking to expand their literary horizons and share in their journey with others.

a social book review site for people who procrastinate on reading or procrastinate by reading
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