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Human-scale software

BookWyrm is designed to stay small and personal; if you have feature requests, bug reports, or grand dreams, we'd love for you to join the conversation.

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Meet the maintainer

BookWyrm is maintained by Mouse Reeve - they steer the project, manage the developer community, and try to fix bugs faster than they introduce them. Their primary goal is to make BookWyrm a kind and welcoming place.

Bugs and Feature Requests

BookWyrm's bug tracker and code are hosted on GitHub — it's the best place to report bugs and make feature requests.


Help translate BookWyrm into other languages! You can learn more about the translation process in our documentation.

Developer Chat

We use Matrix for BookWyrm development chat — it's a great place to ask questions and get help. It's focused on development of BookWyrm software and running BookWyrm instances, but all kinds of BookWyrm discussion is welcome.